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In an awe of computers since childhood, I decided to pursue engineering in Information Technology. I believed and I still do, I have to create something in the technology space. While I was still pursuing my graduate studies, I came across 'The Revolutionary Bitcoin'. I hadn't heard about it the first time. As far as I could remember, I had first heard about Bitcoin in high school. When a friend of mine got some bitcoins from a free-running faucet, he decided to trade them against a rubber Batman mask. His free-faucet gift would have been worth more than 5000 USD today. Like everyone, I was amazed, how could something worth less than a hundred dollars is worth almost 4 times that in four years. This pulled me into the world of cryptos. I saw there's bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and what not. It was extremely overwhelming! I thought I'd just buy some bitcoin and watch my money grow. Guess it wasn't that straightforward. I had to eat my vegetables. So I started reading and studying. At a steady-rate, I started to apprehend, there's more to it. Cryptos were just a dimension to an unparalleled and open world. The world of Blockchain Technology, where cryptocurrencies were just the beginning. In the process, I had identified like-minded people who had the looked at Blockchain the same way I did. This gave birth to tradescrypt.com, a Blockchain Company. We started off with cryptocurrency asset management services, Turning our critical research and market insight into better yielding investments for our clients. We evolved, we stepped into the training space with Blockchain education services. We prepared and delivered courses, both online and offline to individuals, educational institutes, SMEs, and corporates. This gave us an opportunity to explore the technology further. It allowed us to collaborate with various people and realize how can we devise real-world business solutions using Blockchain. We expanded, tradescrypt.com provides Blockchain solutions as well. We aim to make blockchain products which can improve information flow process easy, quick and cost-effective. We already have a few revolutionary products under-development. We are confident that Blockchain would revolutionize Global Technology and we intend to be a part of it.


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